aromamora books

”aromamora books vol1 Tohoku” is a photo book scented by a blend of special aroma oil, and is a collection of 50 photos that captured beautiful memories of Tohoku areas. The photos have been selected from over 500 submissions from people who wanted to share their special memories for the project. The photo book was created in hopes to keep the good memories and times of Tohoku.
Each photo has a message from the person who took the photo. The book also include a map that shows the location of where each photo was photographed, and a refill bottle of the aroma oil.

the fabric made cover

after opening the box, Tohoku’s forest scent is immediately coming up

50 collected photos, the map and text, 1.5ml-aroma-oil, a smelled coaster, and a pinecone inside

dropping aroma oils when the scent is gone

each photo has a message written by its photographer on the back