Levi’s started to design the first global campaign in its 138 years of brand history around December, 2010. Since then, the world has undergone major changes including the Jasmine Revolution, and the subsequent 311 Earthquake (the Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake). In this rapidly changing environment, what do jeans mean to young people as products? In order to create a message that will reach people around the world regardless of cultural differences in each country, Wieden+Kennedy conducted an extensive research using its global network. For concept planning, two creatives from each office in Tokyo, Shanghai, and Amsterdam were brought together to Wieden+Kennedy’s headquarters in Portland. I engaged in concept planning for about 2 months. After spending some more time, we came up with the outline of the message and creative to be communicated to young people around the world.

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes.
Don’t be afraid of getting hurt.
Changing your destiny can be an option.
Live in this world. Focus on the now. Accomplish something.
What you need is the will to create your own future.
Only you can prove that you lived your life.
Don’t hesitate; just take a step forward.